US files murder charges in Iraq soldier shooting US files murder charges in Iraq soldier shooting 買房子q Killing is not a crime, Mr.General. Blame God First before b 系統傢俱laming anyone else. You don't believe God, you have no right to seek extreme righteous 買屋like Satan, you don't seek extreme righteous, you have no right to try anyone. Not mention your court shoul 禮服d not commit the crime to force anyone has to attack any defenseless dead body in order to make self-defense in the so called trial. ARMANIAnyone files the murder (too stupid bad ugly evil to know that murder <You may kill **Killing is not a crime, therefore, you can do as you like to kill 酒店打工to make you feel you are like God-The Image of God. In order to fit the image of God, therefore, you have to have the good will and good skill to make the killing the most merciful w 節能燈具ay.** a dog in order to eat its meat, you must not murder a dog to make that meat uneatable. Because in order to see our true God love, in your life time, you have to taste the tasteful dog meat. Th 膠原蛋白at how Bible stated that Jesus said to his believers that they must have to eat his fresh or something like that.>must have to do darkly invisibly like Bill Clinton and his ass whore Hillary Clinton and their undergroun 太平洋房屋d chained slavery terrors have tried to have done to me)  charges  should be killed and go to hells immediately. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 情趣用品  .
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